Ah it’s English Friday 16.13 challenge already! and the topic is about Indonesian favorite author… what an interesting!

This topic challenge is made me realize how I don’t have any favorite author! haha… I have read many books from any author both Indonesian or foreign authors some of them are worth to read and some of them is a crap, hehe… I mean maybe the story is not my type of reading. Anyway, here’s my favorite Indonesian author so far :

1.Hilman Hariwijaya

He has been my favorite author since I was 10, it was my dad who introduces me to his book. Lupus was my first book from Hilman Hariwijaya, I love how he tell “Lupus” as  a senior high school boy with his mischief behave but smart creative in the same way. I also love his another book from Olga and Vanya series the stories are hilarious and fun to read. So, Hilman Hariwijaya is my first book I read and that’s why I choose him as one of my favorite authors

2. Andrea Hirata

Andrea Hirata  is a great author ever! everybody loves him I mean who doesn’t? His tetralogy novel Laskar Pelangi, Edensor, Sang Pemimpi and Maryamah Karpov are really worth to read, I love his literature and his shades of humor, I accidentally met him in 2008 but unfortunately I don’t bring any camera or pen, we just shake hands and tell how I admire his book overall he’s such hail fellow well met.

3. Ayu Utami

Read her novel “Larung” somehow I felt like a murderer I also adore how she describe sexuality and lust in a good literature.

4. Dewi Lestari
Give me a high five! I bet you count her into Indonesia favorite author right? all her Supernova series is great although I haven’t read the last one (^_^)v but I’m on my way to read them soon (hopefully 🙂 ). So far, Akar and Partikel I like the most, I’m so in love with the character of Bodhi and Zarah. Actually, I have the book of Akar with Omkara cover, yep! the old original one. The reasons why I don’t return it to the latest cover is because there is a signature of Dee Lestari. Yeah!


So, that’s it my Indonesian favorite author, hope you guys enjoy to read my post. Perhaps you have same or different favorite author with me, please share your post here and join the club Blog English Friday. A club where you can learn English in a fun way 😉

Thank you 🙂

Adios amigos!