The Liebster Blog Award

Woohoo! another award for me nominated by Sandrine Tungka thank you so sooo much Sandrine

The Liebster Blog Award is indeed what I’ve originally thought except for some one minor difference, its just suitable for me 😀  Once you accept your award you have to nominate 3-5 favorite bloggers who have less than 200 followers. How do  I get 200 followers which I don’t even close to any quarter of them? I have no idea, and I don’t think I’m dedicated enough to figure out when it changed. (OK, maybe if I get a 5th award… maybe!)

“Liebster” is dearest in German, if Liebster translate to Indonesia means ” Terkasih / Tersayang” soooo it means I’m the dearest sweetest blogger newbie!

Ok, enough joking around , let’s take a look the rules of The Liebster Blog Award :

  1. Thank the person who nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award and link their blog to your post.
  2. Answer 11 questions they’ve asked you.
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers who have 200 followers or fewer for this award.
  4. Ask 11 questions to your nominees.
  5. Let your nominees know you nominated them once you’ve posted about your Liebster Blog Award.
  6. Add the Liebster Blog Award to your blog post.

Here 11 questions from Sandrine, which I try to answer it and make them awesome answers :

1. Why did you start blogging?

It start 2011 obviously, when I take a trip to Gresik, East Java Indonesia by train and I saw so many things happened during my journey, and try to write it down before I forget what was going on that moment. By keep it on journal hopefully it last and shares my experiences with others.

2. Why you keep blogging until now?

Uummm… I felt like I was born to be a writer, at least I started it out from blogging. Also there’s just so many stories about everything that I need to shares about, like a broken printer machines in my office and how I tried to fix it instead of make it worse, ha!. Shares a love life stories, my favourite songs, food and beautiful places or animals. Here I give you a picture captured from my camera pocket which just so wonderful, check it out :

3. How you manage your time between blogging, working, studying (if you are also a student now), being husband/wife/single, playing, connecting to other people, and resting?

I used to blogging at office, in my spare time during my job. Since Ridwan Kamil become Mayor of Bandung in his speech ” If there’s 24 hours a day then their have balance in time between 8 hour for work, 8 hour for Play and 8 hour sleep ” but the fact is I’d sleep bout 5 hour, have a less time for play and yep I put my time too much at work, I know… what a crap! but still I wish I could apply it into my life. I’m sure that would be great and balance.

4. What is the post / idea from your own blog you like the most, why, and please share the link?

Here’s my lovely post :


When I made it, I feel like I was in a deep muse about life and the night at that night was so fused, I even can’t believe I could make a poem like that, it was like not coming from my mind… it’s more than that i came from my heart. And maybe just maybe I am poet.

5. If you have blogger’s block (my word for writer’s block for blogger :D), what would you do to increase your mood on blogging?

Vacation! I definately need a lot lot of vacation or just hanging around, I’ve been stuck lately.

6. What you love the most of your country you live in (please only choose 1 and describe why)?

Bandung of course! this city is so special, there’s so much story to tell about, and there’s a lot of beautiful natural places to visit around. So much inspiration comes through this city, It has good taste of food, the people the places and I love the concept of “Bandung Juara” idea of our beloved Mayor Ridwan Kamil.

7. Which one do you prefer, mountain or beach, and why?

Uh it’s hard man! I couldn’t pick one of them, I love hiking, tracking and camp around I also love swim. I think you should give choices between beach and mall. Obviously beach is the winner. yeahh!

8. Are you a book junkie? Please recommend three good books you have read recently!

I may say not too junkie, because I still love comics and I have bunch of them

Ok, here’s three recommended book my version :

1. Bone Thief by Thomas O’Callaghan

2. Doctors by Erich Segal

3. Tell Me your Dreams by Sidney Sheldon

9. What was the movie you last watched and what do you think of it?

Big Hero 6, this is a great amusingly movie many lessons can be take, Hiro the main character of this movie is a genius ambitious teen but his brother robot help Hiro to calm down his ambitious and teach to be useful person and help many people.

10. Which actress you like the most, Emma Watson or Jeniffer Lawrence, and why?

Jeniffer Lawrence! I think her act in Hunger Games is brilliant.

11. What are the top-3 sites you visit the most and you find useful (please post the active link)?

1. https://www.goodreads.com/

2. http://www.plurk.com

3.http://www.omegle.com/ (I do like talk to strangers )

Eh, wait! I just found out that I can answer it in Indonesian! OMG! What can I say… I already answer it in english. haha.

and here is my questions (can I have the questions from award before? because since I nominate others bloggers and they haven’t react it, so I put it here again plus the 11th question), here we go :

  1. What is the meaning of your name?
  2. Butterflies, are they cute or they a monster?
  3. What comes to mind when seeing a man wearing a pink T- shirt?
  4. What would you do if one day you wake up and turn into a man (if you man, turns into woman)?
  5. If you can play an instrument, what would you play and why?
  6. Which part of your body do you like most and why?
  7. Who is your inspiration figure?
  8. Have you ever captured best moments from your mobile phone? can you share it?
  9. What is the weirdest food taste you ever try? can you picture it?
  10. If you could ask one question to God what would it be?
  11. What is your favourite  music video? tell me, i’ll share mine you later.

It’s a wrap… that’s all folks.


Yaayy! I’ve Been Nominated For Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award

SISTERHOOD BLOG OF THE WORLD AWARDI usually use this blog just for personal my own story, I write it down about anything that crossed my mind, I post my poems or captured some pictures, but that’s it! so flat and type of passive kind of blog then out of the blue a blogger friend of mine Sandrine Tungka nominating me for a Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award!. Thank you Sandrine, I truely thankful for this nomination award, it made me smiling all day since I been nominated .

At first I was thingking that Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award is about traveled pants just like the movie in Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants, but I was wrong… well it is a bit like the movie, but not -send the magic pants to each other sister- part of course, its more than that, Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award is voices an unique thought, clearly open minded blog story just like http://sanwajourneys.com. I may haven’t meet Sandrine in personal, yet reading her blog I feel like we’re connected, she could express what her feelings and reworded with nice. Her blog is definately one of my fave, just check it out.

Ok, here the rules for the nominee :

  1. Link to the person who nominated you.
  2. Add the reward logo.
  3. Answer the questions your nominator has asked.
  4. Nominate 7 other bloggers and let them know via comments.
  5. Ask your nominees 10 questions

And here my answers from Sandrine’s questions :

1. In 3 words, what kind of person do you describe yourself?

Ummm… should I describe you the bad one or the good one? I think I tell you the good one. haha… In three word I would describe myself as Energetic – Spontaneous – Silly girl 😀

2. Do you like Fairy-Tale? If yes, which character do you like the most? If no, why?

Yes, I do like fairy tale and I like Rapunzel ( I think her character kind of look like mine)

3. Where do you live? Can you picture it with photo or words?

Curently I live in Bandung, West Java Indonesia. My house is in East Bandung – Ujung Berung. Since you’re born in Bandung I’ll be hapilly if you to stop by, you probably gonna fall asleep  if you come by to my house its beacause I lived near Manglayang mountain and quite far from pollution so the air quite cold and fresh, besides I plant some anti- pollutions plant such as Algoanema, Sansivieria (Lidah mertua, quite funny name isn’t? haha), Spider plant, Peace lili, Begonia, Yuka king, Tricolor and some flowers (actually I only have two kind of flower, this flowers is very rare I myself bought from a collector from Bogor and also quite expensive for me) that flower is Arumdalu (Cestrum nocturnum) and Mei Hua those plants have a tiny flowers but they have excessive fragrance.

Wait, if this describes what you ask? well I hope you can picture what I’m talking about 😀

4. What is your passion and how many percentages have you achieve it?

I actually like to make some cake or food, but I can not be called my self as a chef, because I can’t cook! I just love baking. So my passion in the culinary field, two years ago I have mini cafe but then I lost my focuss so I closed it. Since it ups and downs let me saaaayy the percentages about 50% or maybe less. I don’t know I just ned some good time to make it happen again.

5. What kind of movie do you like?

Animated movie! I just love all of animated movies whether from Pixar, Disney, Ghibli Studio, Tuba, Cartoon Network, Les Copaque etc.

6. What is a film that you memorize the most?

Atonement. I may not cry after watch this movie, but it stuck in my head for a few days and kept remember vividly. What a cruel libel than hobbies murder.

7. What is the best quote you find on books or movies that encourage your life?

This is quote from book I’ve had read “Sorrow comes with so many defense mechanisms. You have your shock, your
denial, your getting wasted, your cracking jokes, and your religion. You also
have the old standby catchall—the blind belief in fate, the whole “things
happening for a reason” drill.”
Emily Giffin, Baby Proof

8. When blogging, do you like to listen to music and what type of music is your muse?

I like to listen music when I blogging, I listen music all the time I lulabies by music till I fall asleep. I like to listen almost all genres music, I like instruments too, but my favorites is Coldplay, Joe Satriani, Glen Hansard, Frank Sinatra and Postal service. I choose Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd as my muse.

9. Do you like to travel? Which area/country/city that is memorable to you and why?

Yes, I do like to travel, The most memorable city is Banten, I’ve been walking about 8 hour to get in Badui Village, there is no electricity and toilets up there, but I felt like real humans there, I found the real me about what I want and what I really need. It’s about finding yourself.

10. What is the best achievement of your life until now?

Fyuuhhh… Its a hard questions. I guess my best achievement at this moment is I can get rid of my selfishness, I’m not going crazy after a person that I put trust so much as known as my fiance leave me for good. I also don’t do some silly act like jumped off the building because of it, which I have to admit it, that thought been cross on my mind, but here I am, I’m still alive. Haha…
We do have cultural difference and we have little gap age, I say little because we are within 4 years gap. Though I love him so much but I have to let him go, without anger without asking the reason why he leave me, I guess this is might be called true love I can not force him to always love me. I just let go the person I love without any tendency.
(Oh wait, can I have an answer like this? Hopefully you don’t mind 😀 )

I nominate this blogger to have this awesome award, the nominees are :

1. https://brandyalainescott.wordpress.com/

2. http://pasanganjerindo.com/

3. https://adhyabloq.wordpress.com/

Ok, now is my turn to ask the questions,  ready? here we go :

  1. What is the meaning of your name?
  2. Butterflies, are they cute or they a monster?
  3. What comes to mind when seeing a man wearing a pink T- shirt?
  4. What would you do if one day you wake up and turn into a man?
  5. If you can play an instrument, what would you play and why?
  6. Which part of your body do you like most and why?
  7. Who is your inspiration figure?
  8. Have you ever captured best moments from your mobile phone? can you share it?
  9. What is the weirdest food taste you ever try? can you picture it?
  10. If you could ask one question to God what would it be?

That’s all folk. Take your time to answer it… Enjoy the game 🙂

Love Rani,