Ah it’s English Friday 16.13 challenge already! and the topic is about Indonesian favorite author… what an interesting!

This topic challenge is made me realize how I don’t have any favorite author! haha… I have read many books from any author both Indonesian or foreign authors some of them are worth to read and some of them is a crap, hehe… I mean maybe the story is not my type of reading. Anyway, here’s my favorite Indonesian author so far :

1.Hilman Hariwijaya

He has been my favorite author since I was 10, it was my dad who introduces me to his book. Lupus was my first book from Hilman Hariwijaya, I love how he tell “Lupus” as  a senior high school boy with his mischief behave but smart creative in the same way. I also love his another book from Olga and Vanya series the stories are hilarious and fun to read. So, Hilman Hariwijaya is my first book I read and that’s why I choose him as one of my favorite authors

2. Andrea Hirata

Andrea Hirata  is a great author ever! everybody loves him I mean who doesn’t? His tetralogy novel Laskar Pelangi, Edensor, Sang Pemimpi and Maryamah Karpov are really worth to read, I love his literature and his shades of humor, I accidentally met him in 2008 but unfortunately I don’t bring any camera or pen, we just shake hands and tell how I admire his book overall he’s such hail fellow well met.

3. Ayu Utami

Read her novel “Larung” somehow I felt like a murderer I also adore how she describe sexuality and lust in a good literature.

4. Dewi Lestari
Give me a high five! I bet you count her into Indonesia favorite author right? all her Supernova series is great although I haven’t read the last one (^_^)v but I’m on my way to read them soon (hopefully 🙂 ). So far, Akar and Partikel I like the most, I’m so in love with the character of Bodhi and Zarah. Actually, I have the book of Akar with Omkara cover, yep! the old original one. The reasons why I don’t return it to the latest cover is because there is a signature of Dee Lestari. Yeah!


So, that’s it my Indonesian favorite author, hope you guys enjoy to read my post. Perhaps you have same or different favorite author with me, please share your post here and join the club Blog English Friday. A club where you can learn English in a fun way 😉

Thank you 🙂

Adios amigos! 



My life did!

My life hits me at the most unexpected times and I’d appreciate every moment that brings to me.

But from my blog? I guess nothing really happens from my blog… I mean my blog is just a blog, as you can see nothing special there (gpokerface).


I have an unexpected event when on Saturday. Saturday, 20th February 2016 precisely. That day is so special, because that day I’ve had go to work and work like other days I used to go to work from 9am to 5pm, but on saturday I’ve working from 10am to 3pm (you working on saturday! while in the other people taking their day off!! and where’s the special in that??!!) (gfuu)

Well, it is special.

That day, a security man came to my room and he’s act politely before enter my room, he’s knocking my door;

“knock… knock… knock”

Ubinya belom mateng…” I said

“Excuse me, you have a guy who need to meet you” Security man said

“Oh, who?” I replied

“I don’t know mam, he’s waiting in front office”

My heart pulse pounding really hard, in my mind there’s a guy who want asking me to go out to date, yaayy! I’m going to dateeee (gyay)


And you know what? The guy that I see was not the guy that I was expected, by the time I’m thinking “Life is hard when something you have been expecting doesn’t match with the reality is”   

So when I entered the front office, there was standing a guy with the helmet on and piece of paper and pen on his hand and he’s so orange. Yeah, he is the postman  (gyea)

Right a moment before my jaw drops, he says :

“Miss Rani? you have to sign ini here” he giving me the paper and pen

And then he give me a postcard.


I straight back to my office room and read the post card, and  I suddenly shout : Yaaaayyy!! yiippiiee ya yeay! yippiee ya yooy!!

I’ve got postcard from Germaaaaan!! I even don’t remember that someone promising me a postcard. I’m so happy and yes the postcard really made boost my mood  .

My big thanks to my friend my sister and a very kind woman Teh Dewi Firyani, thank’s a zillion teteh, the postcard is so sweet and I love it! I love you teteh (girlkiss).



A beautiful town near Nurnberg “BAMBERG” Germany




I love her handrwriting, and yes Teteh I really love the postcard and the picture on it 



So, I guess that’s the unexpected events from my blog.

Altough my blog are flat passive and none read it or some people may read it, but I’m so proud of my blogs, because of why? because it’s mine. My mind my thoughts and my random silly stories when I can’t speak it out loud but my mind did through my writings.


PS: this is my third challenge of Blog English Club, hope you enjoy to read it and perhaps you have awesome stories about unexpected events from your blog, just post it in here. Thank you 🙂





I love watching movies! But,I’m not type kind of girl who likes to go to cinemas.

The only reason is simple, it just because no one ask me to go to cinema (gyay) and I don’t feel comfort to go to cinema by myself, I mean where’s the fun is that?

But that doesn’t mean I never go to cinema. I have been go to the cinema like not too many times, like just several times, like you can count with your ten fingers *I’m bad huh? * Ok! let’s make this clear! how many times did I go to the cinema is you can count it with your half fingers.


Exactly! I have been go to cinema only five times! *I know I know this is really bad (lonely)*

First time is when I lived in Gresik, my dad took me to Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya to watched AADC 1.

The second one was when I’m in college, I forgot what movie that I have had watched because it’s too chaos by the time and I fell asleep and I guess none of my friends get it what about the movie was because we were watched it with 31 others friend and yeah it was crowded there 😀

The third and fourth one was in 2014, my sister and her friend asked me to watch The Guardian of Galaxy. The fourth one was with my schumbag ex boyfriend and watched Big Hero 6. It was so much fun and super awesome because both of the movies I watched in 4D’s cinemas .

Last but not least was in 2015, It was my mom who asked me to watch movie, this is the moment where I felt watching movies is so enjoy and super fun. Why? Because I had a lot of laugh.

One day after I got home from work, my mom suddenly ask me;

mom : agas, let’s go to the cinemas

me: what for?

mom: take a pee and home!! of course to watch a movieee!!

me: oh wow, what movie?

mom: monkey joy!

me: a whaaaaat????!!

mom: you know, the girl with archery like Xena but not Xena.

me: HUAAHAHAHAHAHAA (lmao) mommy please! you made my tummy hurt and I can’t stop laughing

me: you mean Mockingjay??

mom : correct!

Finally, me my mom my sister and my aunt watch The Hunger Games, Mockingjay part 2 on Sunday at XXI BTC Pasteur- Bandung. And that’s the last time I’ve go to the cinema.


p.s : This post I wrote to answer English Friday Challenge on Blog English Club, so I hope you guys enjoy it and please join the club. Thank you 🙂









I mean, honesty is a basic value in human to lead people into wisdom, what else can people give than honesty itself right? definately I agree with this proverb from Thomas Jefferson. Wait, is it William Shakespeare proverb? oh wait, Martin Luther King? err… whatever.

Speaking of honesty, for me honesty is such a lonely woooord… Everyone is so untrue
Hooooonesty is hardly ever heard…. 

Wait Ran, isn’t a song from Billy Joel? haha yes it is, haha 😀

Ok, focus! 

To be honest, what I have told in my blog mostly about my daily basis in life, I share what I saw so everyone can feel what I felt by that time. So, basically my blogs is about honesty stuff and a little bit drama there, haha 😀

I don’t mind with rules, so if theres some rules that requires deadline or some strict rules then I will obey it, and yes if I have order to review a product of food I will be honest tell what I have had feel and tell from the good and bad sides point of view of course. I believe a relevant and honest will bring segregated successfull.

I am a very honest person and I prefer no lies at all instead of “white” lies. Because once you lies you’ll need to lies to cover up all the lies story, it’s kind of never ended lies story (ok, this is too mbuletisme) haha. So if you’re guys want to test my honesty please don’t ask me no questions so I won’t tell you a lies (lmao).







Wow! the topic challenge is so wow!!

The topic says about “Ten Years From Now”…

This must be easy for those who have a vision and strong desire person but unfortunately I’m-not- that-kind-of-person 😦

Well, ten years from now … I would be …

let me think,

Wait …

Ummm …

Ugh! it’s a hard one,

Can I just skip this challenge?

Or, can we just change the topic like “what is your favorite food?” or “why is your ex-boyfriend/ ex-girfriend is being sucks?” If it so the topic I may will answer it in a minute and write them in thousand words, hahaha.

But, I guess I can not skip the challenge, can’t I? it is what it is right?

Ok, one thing for sure ten years from now my mom is getting old 😦
And I don’t want it all happened.

In order dealing with that circumstances I will have send my mom out of space, accompanied by TARS-a robots also my lovely cat, they’re will have travelled by spaceship through a wormhole without any turbulance of course and by the time they’re return to earth my mom and I would be in the same age, yaayy! Gyahahahahaa

This is what happened when I have too much watching movie, sorry guys I trying to focus myself here. But, can you guys guess what movie it was? Huahahahahaa *and all people throw me into a zombie land while you guys laugh out loud watching me slowly die eaten by zombies* XD.


Ten years from now I definately running my own lifestyle business, living comfortably, be able to travel and run my business from everywhere like EVERYWHERE! like when I’m in Barcelona or Hawaii or anywhere around the world on my vacation but still be free without financial worries. Yep, that’s me in next ten years. You guys should believe me that it was purely lies!! an hundred and one percent of bullsh*t!! mwaahahaha … if it any chance happens to me then I must be dreaming, like who are you Rani? you’re even not close enough to be like a successfull entreprenur Bob Sadino.

Nobody could not reach that kind of dreams, unless you’re Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg or Stephen Hawking maybe Oprah or perhaps Roro Fitria. Wait, did I mentioned more than one successfull person? (I have no idea why I mentioned the last name 😀 ) ok then, I guess everybody possibly to have those dream, it depend on us anyway.


I try to get my vision in the next ten years and they’re just blank, one thing that crossed my mind in ten years from now is I still wears a Converse shoes, and I think I will let myself wears a converse or sneakers until i’m 45 years old. Just like Ellen DeGeneres, he or she (she because she is a woman or he because he had a wife, ummm what should I call? #%!#%!. nevermind) still wears a sneakers that looks fit and comfort on her, so either did I, I feel comfortable with Converse.

Ten years from now I maybe just maybe I put some make up by myself in daily basis, at this time I still have no clue why I don’t like make up especially a lipstick! I feel like poisoned when polish lipstick on my lips, I tried to make up but it feels weird. I guess that make up it just doesn’t working on me, and yeah maybe ten years later make up could be my mates :).

That’s enough my challenge post from me, I hope you guys enjoy my stories and keep visit my blog to read another posts here or english challange every two weeks, perhaps you guys wants join the club please click this site trust me its a fun and informative blog.

So, see you around!

Thank you. Adios!





Hi, I’ve just joined this club from a blogger that I used to call  him Pak/Mas Dani.
So now I have officially become a member I signed in yesterday. This is my fisrt post challenge, hopefully I could answer the challenge as well.

Since I work like a nonstop go go horse from Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm, I almost don’t have any time for hobbies or hanging out with some friends of mine and especially leisure time for myself.

My mom said when you have 24 hours a day you should manage your time into a 8 hours for rest / sleep, 8 hours for work and 8 hours for hang out/ play. But the fact is I spend to much time on my work and also have a less sleep and the rest is doing some home work like ironing, dishes, moping etc. Yeah I know, it is kind a boring life that I live. It has unfortunately become a routine that successfully made me stuck in some circumstances and I become a grumpy girl over a little stuff.

So, I try to figure out which things can make me happy and turn my bad mood into a good one, and here’s a list to make my day to be a bit yaay! :
1. Baking Cake
2. Sleeping all day
3. Playing games
4. Eating all the sweet kind of food (Ice cream, chocolate, candies, cakes, kue-kue basah etc)
5. Having a boyfriend
6. Skateboarding / Waveboarding
7. Swimming

But guess what?? none of the list above could fit in my time, and point no.5 I realiz it just doesn’t make sense. Hahahaha… what a crap!!

Well, I guess I have to pick one of from the list to make everything normal. So I Pick Waveboard in order to balance my crazy activity. This week would be the third time I play my waveboard after the last time I used it over a year ago. I play my waveboard on Sunday with my mom, I mean my mom does her Tai-Chi aerobic while me with waveboard next the field.
I have great feelings when I am on top waveboard, everything seems so free and I feel like a child with no burden, just a happy feelings.

I know I’m too old for playing skateboard, but hey, everybody has a childish side of em’ right? And playing waveboard is childish side of mine (yahoo).