My life did!

My life hits me at the most unexpected times and I’d appreciate every moment that brings to me.

But from my blog? I guess nothing really happens from my blog… I mean my blog is just a blog, as you can see nothing special there (gpokerface).


I have an unexpected event when on Saturday. Saturday, 20th February 2016 precisely. That day is so special, because that day I’ve had go to work and work like other days I used to go to work from 9am to 5pm, but on saturday I’ve working from 10am to 3pm (you working on saturday! while in the other people taking their day off!! and where’s the special in that??!!) (gfuu)

Well, it is special.

That day, a security man came to my room and he’s act politely before enter my room, he’s knocking my door;

“knock… knock… knock”

Ubinya belom mateng…” I said

“Excuse me, you have a guy who need to meet you” Security man said

“Oh, who?” I replied

“I don’t know mam, he’s waiting in front office”

My heart pulse pounding really hard, in my mind there’s a guy who want asking me to go out to date, yaayy! I’m going to dateeee (gyay)


And you know what? The guy that I see was not the guy that I was expected, by the time I’m thinking “Life is hard when something you have been expecting doesn’t match with the reality is”   

So when I entered the front office, there was standing a guy with the helmet on and piece of paper and pen on his hand and he’s so orange. Yeah, he is the postman  (gyea)

Right a moment before my jaw drops, he says :

“Miss Rani? you have to sign ini here” he giving me the paper and pen

And then he give me a postcard.


I straight back to my office room and read the post card, and  I suddenly shout : Yaaaayyy!! yiippiiee ya yeay! yippiee ya yooy!!

I’ve got postcard from Germaaaaan!! I even don’t remember that someone promising me a postcard. I’m so happy and yes the postcard really made boost my mood  .

My big thanks to my friend my sister and a very kind woman Teh Dewi Firyani, thank’s a zillion teteh, the postcard is so sweet and I love it! I love you teteh (girlkiss).



A beautiful town near Nurnberg “BAMBERG” Germany




I love her handrwriting, and yes Teteh I really love the postcard and the picture on it 



So, I guess that’s the unexpected events from my blog.

Altough my blog are flat passive and none read it or some people may read it, but I’m so proud of my blogs, because of why? because it’s mine. My mind my thoughts and my random silly stories when I can’t speak it out loud but my mind did through my writings.


PS: this is my third challenge of Blog English Club, hope you enjoy to read it and perhaps you have awesome stories about unexpected events from your blog, just post it in here. Thank you 🙂





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