I love watching movies! But,I’m not type kind of girl who likes to go to cinemas.

The only reason is simple, it just because no one ask me to go to cinema (gyay) and I don’t feel comfort to go to cinema by myself, I mean where’s the fun is that?

But that doesn’t mean I never go to cinema. I have been go to the cinema like not too many times, like just several times, like you can count with your ten fingers *I’m bad huh? * Ok! let’s make this clear! how many times did I go to the cinema is you can count it with your half fingers.


Exactly! I have been go to cinema only five times! *I know I know this is really bad (lonely)*

First time is when I lived in Gresik, my dad took me to Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya to watched AADC 1.

The second one was when I’m in college, I forgot what movie that I have had watched because it’s too chaos by the time and I fell asleep and I guess none of my friends get it what about the movie was because we were watched it with 31 others friend and yeah it was crowded there 😀

The third and fourth one was in 2014, my sister and her friend asked me to watch The Guardian of Galaxy. The fourth one was with my schumbag ex boyfriend and watched Big Hero 6. It was so much fun and super awesome because both of the movies I watched in 4D’s cinemas .

Last but not least was in 2015, It was my mom who asked me to watch movie, this is the moment where I felt watching movies is so enjoy and super fun. Why? Because I had a lot of laugh.

One day after I got home from work, my mom suddenly ask me;

mom : agas, let’s go to the cinemas

me: what for?

mom: take a pee and home!! of course to watch a movieee!!

me: oh wow, what movie?

mom: monkey joy!

me: a whaaaaat????!!

mom: you know, the girl with archery like Xena but not Xena.

me: HUAAHAHAHAHAHAA (lmao) mommy please! you made my tummy hurt and I can’t stop laughing

me: you mean Mockingjay??

mom : correct!

Finally, me my mom my sister and my aunt watch The Hunger Games, Mockingjay part 2 on Sunday at XXI BTC Pasteur- Bandung. And that’s the last time I’ve go to the cinema.


p.s : This post I wrote to answer English Friday Challenge on Blog English Club, so I hope you guys enjoy it and please join the club. Thank you 🙂







20 thoughts on “EF 16.8 WHAT MAKES YOU GO AND WATCH A MOVIE?

  1. I like the Monkey Joy better. Yup, it should’ve been a movie title instead. Hahaha! It could’ve outnumbered the Angry Bird movie. What a thrill.. let’s bring out the animals out.. Monkey Joy vs Angry Bird 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mamah aku emang suka ngasal mba kalo nyebut yang keinggris inggrisan gitu. Dan tau ga mamah aku nyebut hempon punya dianya apa? BEBE KITTY dong!
      Padahal hapenya bukan bebe (blackberry) -___-!


  2. hehehehhe nyokab kliatannya kocak juga ya ran? 🙂

    saya sekarang jarang nonton di bioskop ran, males aja krn semua film di dubbing ke bahasa jerman. ada juga sih sati bioskop di frankfurt yang gak pake didubbing tapi waktunya gak pernah cucok.


    Liked by 1 person

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