I mean, honesty is a basic value in human to lead people into wisdom, what else can people give than honesty itself right? definately I agree with this proverb from Thomas Jefferson. Wait, is it William Shakespeare proverb? oh wait, Martin Luther King? err… whatever.

Speaking of honesty, for me honesty is such a lonely woooord… Everyone is so untrue
Hooooonesty is hardly ever heard…. 

Wait Ran, isn’t a song from Billy Joel? haha yes it is, haha 😀

Ok, focus! 

To be honest, what I have told in my blog mostly about my daily basis in life, I share what I saw so everyone can feel what I felt by that time. So, basically my blogs is about honesty stuff and a little bit drama there, haha 😀

I don’t mind with rules, so if theres some rules that requires deadline or some strict rules then I will obey it, and yes if I have order to review a product of food I will be honest tell what I have had feel and tell from the good and bad sides point of view of course. I believe a relevant and honest will bring segregated successfull.

I am a very honest person and I prefer no lies at all instead of “white” lies. Because once you lies you’ll need to lies to cover up all the lies story, it’s kind of never ended lies story (ok, this is too mbuletisme) haha. So if you’re guys want to test my honesty please don’t ask me no questions so I won’t tell you a lies (lmao).






7 thoughts on “EF 16.7 HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY, ISN’T IT?

    • Thank you mba idolaku… 🙂
      Haha hashtag #jomblousaha makes me silly but whatever, I think I’m not famous in here so I could write something silly 😀
      Goodluck for you too mba 😉


  1. The last par is kind of confusing at first but I finally got what it mean. It is like that Big Fat Liar movie, the kid need to lie to cover up a lie previously made and so on and so on. Until one day, he said the truth, nobody believe him.

    Nice policy Rani…

    Liked by 1 person

    • *googling Big Fat Liar movie 😀

      Exactly! my point is when you start to lie then you have to cover up the previous lies. And yeah in the end of the day none believe you.

      Hehe thank’s mas rian 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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