Wow! the topic challenge is so wow!!

The topic says about “Ten Years From Now”…

This must be easy for those who have a vision and strong desire person but unfortunately I’m-not- that-kind-of-person 😦

Well, ten years from now … I would be …

let me think,

Wait …

Ummm …

Ugh! it’s a hard one,

Can I just skip this challenge?

Or, can we just change the topic like “what is your favorite food?” or “why is your ex-boyfriend/ ex-girfriend is being sucks?” If it so the topic I may will answer it in a minute and write them in thousand words, hahaha.

But, I guess I can not skip the challenge, can’t I? it is what it is right?

Ok, one thing for sure ten years from now my mom is getting old 😦
And I don’t want it all happened.

In order dealing with that circumstances I will have send my mom out of space, accompanied by TARS-a robots also my lovely cat, they’re will have travelled by spaceship through a wormhole without any turbulance of course and by the time they’re return to earth my mom and I would be in the same age, yaayy! Gyahahahahaa

This is what happened when I have too much watching movie, sorry guys I trying to focus myself here. But, can you guys guess what movie it was? Huahahahahaa *and all people throw me into a zombie land while you guys laugh out loud watching me slowly die eaten by zombies* XD.


Ten years from now I definately running my own lifestyle business, living comfortably, be able to travel and run my business from everywhere like EVERYWHERE! like when I’m in Barcelona or Hawaii or anywhere around the world on my vacation but still be free without financial worries. Yep, that’s me in next ten years. You guys should believe me that it was purely lies!! an hundred and one percent of bullsh*t!! mwaahahaha … if it any chance happens to me then I must be dreaming, like who are you Rani? you’re even not close enough to be like a successfull entreprenur Bob Sadino.

Nobody could not reach that kind of dreams, unless you’re Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg or Stephen Hawking maybe Oprah or perhaps Roro Fitria. Wait, did I mentioned more than one successfull person? (I have no idea why I mentioned the last name 😀 ) ok then, I guess everybody possibly to have those dream, it depend on us anyway.


I try to get my vision in the next ten years and they’re just blank, one thing that crossed my mind in ten years from now is I still wears a Converse shoes, and I think I will let myself wears a converse or sneakers until i’m 45 years old. Just like Ellen DeGeneres, he or she (she because she is a woman or he because he had a wife, ummm what should I call? #%!#%!. nevermind) still wears a sneakers that looks fit and comfort on her, so either did I, I feel comfortable with Converse.

Ten years from now I maybe just maybe I put some make up by myself in daily basis, at this time I still have no clue why I don’t like make up especially a lipstick! I feel like poisoned when polish lipstick on my lips, I tried to make up but it feels weird. I guess that make up it just doesn’t working on me, and yeah maybe ten years later make up could be my mates :).

That’s enough my challenge post from me, I hope you guys enjoy my stories and keep visit my blog to read another posts here or english challange every two weeks, perhaps you guys wants join the club please click this site trust me its a fun and informative blog.

So, see you around!

Thank you. Adios!




21 thoughts on “EF#33: TEN YEARS FROM NOW

  1. kewl rani #twothumsup!
    suka asyik baca yang begini-begini, imajinasi saya parah deh pokoknya hahahahah
    yang paati-pasti aja, pasti itu lebih tua sepuluh tahun aja…

    siiip rani, apapun pencapaiannya sepuluh tahun lagi jgn lupa buka postingan ini dan ngapdet ya.


    Liked by 1 person

      • keren bisa mengungkapkannya dalam bahasa inggris. bahasa inggris saya udah ke laut aja dari lama rani 😦
        yang penting dijalani aja sambil membangun jalan ke arah yang ingin dituju, insya allah kalau rezeki ga kemana…


        Liked by 1 person

      • Kan ada google translate hihi 😀
        Mba Kay juga keren tiada dua, bisa bahasa jerman tinggal di jerman dan nyari nafkah di jerman pulak. top markotop banget.
        Aamiin allahummaa aamiin.


  2. Wow, what an imagination :haha. But I do pray for those good hopes in this post, hopefully someday you will be indeed a success entrepreneur :)). There is nothing that impossible in this world, so just like Glee’s characters have said, “Don’t stop believing” :hihi.
    Penasaran melihat dirimu 10 tahun dari sekarang dan masih memakai Converse… well, kayaknya saya harus menunggu 10 tahun lagi untuk itu. Kita jalani saja kali ya, 10 tahun kan masih (agak) lama… :haha.


  3. Hallo Rani, hehe wearing Converse shoes in the age 45 seems logical 🙂 i mean.. we can always wear whatever that comforts us, right. Btw, i’d say Ellen DeGeneres is a woman and still be call she though she’s married to another woman (sounds strange, i know. haha)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yup, you’ve got the point, wear anything as long as we’re feel comfort about it.
      Haha …. What an America! I think everything’s legal there 😀
      Thank you Rina for your comment here 🙂


  4. Mwihihihi I always love your writing. It entertains people who read and I believe you too.
    Who knows that the sneakers you will have used ten years from now are those which will have already brought you go around the world. Keep dream big, It will lead you into something brighter 🙂


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