Hi, I’ve just joined this club from a blogger that I used to call  him Pak/Mas Dani.
So now I have officially become a member I signed in yesterday. This is my fisrt post challenge, hopefully I could answer the challenge as well.

Since I work like a nonstop go go horse from Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm, I almost don’t have any time for hobbies or hanging out with some friends of mine and especially leisure time for myself.

My mom said when you have 24 hours a day you should manage your time into a 8 hours for rest / sleep, 8 hours for work and 8 hours for hang out/ play. But the fact is I spend to much time on my work and also have a less sleep and the rest is doing some home work like ironing, dishes, moping etc. Yeah I know, it is kind a boring life that I live. It has unfortunately become a routine that successfully made me stuck in some circumstances and I become a grumpy girl over a little stuff.

So, I try to figure out which things can make me happy and turn my bad mood into a good one, and here’s a list to make my day to be a bit yaay! :
1. Baking Cake
2. Sleeping all day
3. Playing games
4. Eating all the sweet kind of food (Ice cream, chocolate, candies, cakes, kue-kue basah etc)
5. Having a boyfriend
6. Skateboarding / Waveboarding
7. Swimming

But guess what?? none of the list above could fit in my time, and point no.5 I realiz it just doesn’t make sense. Hahahaha… what a crap!!

Well, I guess I have to pick one of from the list to make everything normal. So I Pick Waveboard in order to balance my crazy activity. This week would be the third time I play my waveboard after the last time I used it over a year ago. I play my waveboard on Sunday with my mom, I mean my mom does her Tai-Chi aerobic while me with waveboard next the field.
I have great feelings when I am on top waveboard, everything seems so free and I feel like a child with no burden, just a happy feelings.

I know I’m too old for playing skateboard, but hey, everybody has a childish side of em’ right? And playing waveboard is childish side of mine (yahoo).






  1. Hahaha I don’t know why but your post made me laugh, especially when you mentioned about that boyfriend thing.. 😀
    I also wonder what kind of job you’re doing.. Okay,will read other posts from your blog! ^^

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    • luckily i choose waveboard instead having boyfriend because it’s not easy to have them… *of course it wouldn’t be easy ran! you act such a silly girl* hahaha 😀

      Actually I volunteer myself to get work on saturday, because I was thinking “what to do for a single girl like me on saturday night?” XD

      Thank you,, please be my guest hope you enjoy to read it 🙂


  2. Eh buset itu waveboard mah keren pisan Mbak! Saya saja baru lihat itu bentuknya seperti apa. Ah gara-gara dijelasin soal waveboard, dirimu tidak lagi tampak terlalu mengenaskan :haha. Padahal baru saja saya mau free pukpuk gara-gara punya tujuh keinginan tapi satu pun tak tercapai (terutama nomor lima :hihi).

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    • Hello Mbak Arbiyanti, nice to meet you too 🙂
      Yap there it is what its called waveboard. and it’s pretty much easy to plays.
      No, I haven’t. But, since you ask it Insyaallah I’ll write about waveboard thing, thank’s for the idea mbak Arbiyanti 😀


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  4. Well, the background of your pictures… is that ITB? Hehehe
    I’ve never been brave to join the challenge on that blog, but I found your blog there. You are awesome, still have time to write on blog even join the challenge. Great!

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