I feel phisically sick but my head is also being weird
I can’t feel my head anymore
My mind is too messed up
I don’t even understand them
I don’t even know why its all acoming back to me

Maybe I should put a bullet through my head so I can just forget it
Or maybe deep in my head i misses someone
Or might I feel jealous to no one…


4 thoughts on “Unwell

    • Yawda mas febri nya kesini tar kalo mas febri udah disini saya yang kesana
      Hidih private inggris mah jangan ama saya noh ama tukang EF, sini duit nya saya daftarin deh *lalu ke toko es krim*

      Iya terimakasih mas feb, cepet sembuh juga ya *lho*


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