I found this on my bathroom!!


Picture taken from here

Praying Mantis or Belalang Sembah in Indonesia or in Javanesse is Walang kekek and I used to called it Congcorang is one of class Insecta, phylum arthropoda (you know animal which has feet more than two).

I have no idea how he get there, and there’s no chance I took picture this mantis while i’m taking bath, because when its happens that would be so freakin weeeeeird!! unless you’re Victoria’s secret models  their body is wonderland huh? 😀

Praying Mantis is one kanibal insect, the female will eat the male during their sexual act, the female will start eat the head of its male first than its feet, miraculous things is the male still inject their sperm altough their lost of its head. Amazing isn’t?

So, here is the picture of its mantis and I took selfie first before I put them on one of my plant. It soooooo tickling when their tiny feet touch my face and they got sharpen part of its feet that left little scratch on my face. However this mantis just made my monday a good start 🙂


Have a great monday everyone…! 


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