Do Not Eat Rambutans In Saturday Night While You Are (SINGLE)

A friend of mine ask me what day today is? Since I were single work Monday to Saturday sometimes I forgot what day the day is, so I answer his question with loud “it’s WEDNESDAY!” And he said “what?” with a-you-got-be-kidding-me face (ya know) and so I directly correct my answer by “uh sorry, I mean it’s FRIDAAAY” with a lil’ louder as my first answer.

Suddenly he come to my desk and pat my shoulder with gentle and says “Ran, finished your work and home” and our conversations become :
Me : “why dude? I haven’t finish em’ ”
Friend : ” it’s saturday, Ran ”
Me : “oww”
Friend : ” you lost your focus twice ” he repeat “TWICE!” and give a peace sign with his finger.
Me : “why you were still here anyway?”
Friend : “sheez, I’m a married guy Ran”
Me : “oww ok” (his statement success made me silence like a statue)

Out of nowhere my boss came and said “Raniii, you’re still here…” So I said ” I just start pack my work and about to go home” and I curious why my boss here at night, so I ask my boss ” why you are here late at night?” And my boss says “just checking something, and this is my company by the way” uh! I just got realized!! of course this office is his company, why should I ask silly questions like that. ” Go hang out Ran, its saturday night! girl!” And I was like “soooo what??!!”

I decided not straight to go home, I planned to wash my motorcycle at the auto car wash along my way home and buy Rambutans fruit before the car wash places.
When I arrived at the car wash my motorcyle not straight wash right away, I need to wait for one motorcycle in the line and there’s a two car too been working on it, but I don’t have to worry wait too long because they got separated compressor between car and motorcycle, so I just need a time to wait one motorcyle been washed and then my motorcylce’s turn.

I took a seat in empty chair and order cold tea, FYI (For Your Information) this car wash has its cafe or this cafe has its car wash, which come first? I don’t know… or it might they’re launching together from beginning I have no idea, I found them as package bussiness like this.

There’s a couple been dinner or date or both at the corner this cafe, and the boy down a knee by his girlfriend and say “Would you be my Valentine?” and gave her bouquet of roses, I believe your guess as good as mine the girl must be say ‘yes’ aaaannd just like our thought! the girl say “yes, yes, yes I definately would be your Valentine’s baby” and both of them look happy with eyes full of love.

Next those happy couple sat a girl alone with a bag of Rambutans with… (let us saaaaay DISROMANTIC SITUATIONS!) And there’s a huge (HUGE) different moment with the couple and the girl, the couple seem happy, sweet and romantic love birds. While the-alone-girl sat with her bag of Rambutans instead of bouquet flowers and ate the Rambutans like a hungry monkey babe.

And that girl was me 😦


P.S : never ever ever eat rambutans beside love couples, coz it just makes you looks stupid! -___-!

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