How To Drop A Picture On Microsoft Word Sheet

Hi Everybody!

Here I’m gonna share you some tips how to insert picture on Word sheet, I know there’s much easier if we work a photo or picture and stuff with Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw, but when you write something and need to drop a photo in the middle of writing post, there’s no other way than using Microsoft Word Document.

1. Select the picture you want to insert into your worksheet, select by copy the picture you want to insert; click in a picture area and push Ctrl C (in the same time) and then paste it into space you want to; Ctrl V.

2. Leave the picture after you click in the area so in toolbar they shown “Picture Tools”;


3. Click the “Picture Tools” and then you’ll see a “Wrap Text” buttons, you know the box with paper with tiny icon of a dog in a centre of its paper


4. In “Wrap Text” menu you can click “In Front Of Text” after click it, drag your picture into everywhere and place it anywhere you like without ruining the words that you been working on.


By using ‘wrap text’ to your picture in your Word document you can also resizing the image. For ideal image size use pointer at each corner (do not use the side one or top point one) the object of its pic or photo will resizing not properly.


Ok, thats all folks. Hope this tips useful for your work office using Word document .


Silahkan komen tapi karetnya satu aja *jangan pedes-pedes*

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