Don’t Be To Cocky

Got To Dance is one of my favorite reality show, I was so stunned whenever I watch performance of  all contestant some of the talented, some of em’ hillarious and some of them beyond good.

The most interesting from this season is many unexpecting things besides there’s different rules of last season such as: from each audition the judgdes only pick at least five or more contestant for re-performace off air or re-call then each judges (Kimberly, Adam and Ashley) choose one to join in their team, then each judges had six team. Then to get the final each team from each judges battle to win a quarter pound. such an interesting reality show ha?

I may say ‘Miracle can happen for those who put their dreams high’, Bitter Harvest is one who got that miracle, how can they’re not? They have failed in first recall but suddenly after few hours later Ashley Banjo call back this amazing husband and wife ballet act to the stage and said that they past to next stage, and of course this husband and wife jumped into Ashley and they’re wept with emotion.

When Kimberley’s team battle their performance, each team have unique dance and has difficult technique show, it shown that their try giving their best performance. After all contestant performed it’s time for winner announcement, but before that Davina McCall ask the judges who will win for the top three, both Ashley and Adam says Kanner Flex will pass to next step likewise the audince cheering and agreed with judges prediction.

Davina call the nominee for the top three they are : IMD, Kaine and Original Kidz! what a surprise! Kaner didn’t pass the next stage! What I think Kaner performance is much better than Kaine, I mean nothing special with Kaine technique compared to Kaner, although Kaner had autism thus showing bit cokyness and unfocuss when talk to people. but hey, its a dance show not personality show! I think it’s bit unfair here. But for me Kaner Flex is the winner he is gifted and such a talented dancer. My eyes full of tears when I see his performance I’m so touch by his emotions and act, keep up the good work Kaner , I’m your number one fans .


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