Watch That Mouth Young Man!

Finally I activated my blackberry messanger (BBM) after about two month. Not very proud to say though ha?

Actually I’m not type of person who like to exist in bunch of social media. I probably kind of old school person in communication. I only use text message or phone call to contact people, for social media I only have Twitter.  I have an email of course and I’d rather choose email than BBM for keep in touch. that is my email address perhaps you wanna have a chit chat with me .

Today, I’ve been in situation stumbled upon that I am eternally grateful for. I lost my love, he dumped me. He kind of super busy person, or might he pretends that he been busy, so I can’t distract him in any of possible ways.

What the truth the matter is, he kept contact some girl dan friends for sake of acompany him in good time. Otherwise he said that have no time even a minute for text me or call me. It’s ok for you act like that, life is karma right?  and yes you play that drama with flawless.

I do lost him, but the truth is he had the lost most and he has given away a part of himself which he will never completely get back even if he wants to.

Who is he kidding?


Silahkan komen tapi karetnya satu aja *jangan pedes-pedes*

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