Why Are You Become Stranger?

There were a time when I say something or when I’ve got choked on my mind then I transferred it to you in a very slow conversation, you blame me that I act or behave as unmanner or totally wrong person. And you keep saying that you don’t have much time and not ready for this or not ready for us instead of discuss it with clear.

And there’s a moment when I so stressed and tired that you kept ‘sshh’ me and never ask what I want but I have to understand you and must got the point for what you want.

And now I am feeling so small because you always pointing me for what everything so wrong happens between us. It’s kind of sad when you intend to become a good person and built nice communication for a better bound relationship to the person you care most but intrepreat it in a wrong way.

Is it fair enough, when I didn’t do for what I did but memories in your past conclusion me as kind of person who been treated you not good as well. I try hard to prove you that I’m not type of that person in your past but you always doubt it, I don’t know what I to do nor to say I felt its not worthed anymore.

I guess you’re just too perfect and I’m so wrong in every circumstances.


Silahkan komen tapi karetnya satu aja *jangan pedes-pedes*

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