Hasta La Vista

Everybody make a decision in their life whether its good one or let us say wasn’t the best shoot. Even your decision goes so wrong you don’t have to regret it at least you make your state of your mind.

I decided to disapear from all social media (ALL OF EM’) and this probably my last post. I don’t know what happened to me, I guess no one care about me no body loves me i’d rather dieeeeeee  Gyahaha…  na’ah just kidding my mom loves me my sister do loves me.

Since my relationship going complicated and leads nowhere, I mean we’re doing long distance relationship it’s ok for me not to meet up in scheduled is it once a month or twice even a year I’m trully fine as long as we built a good communication I’m fine (seriously fine), but the fact we are seem to fight on and on which I think it’s start to be unhealthy for our date, a lovebird should be tender hearted, be devoted, miss each other and got happy feelings.  I understand you too busy work a nonstop go go horse, you got no time for me like at all (AT ALL). I ever asked you to give me some tidings, text me or send me a blackberry messanger, and yeah you did that recently but it sound so feign, its just fake. I can’t feel the chemistry and I know if it comes not from your heart. Most of all he’s just not into me.

When I start not to care (oh yeah I’m really good on it) I really really don’t care about anything, ANYTHING! I guess I’m just too tired and I really sick of it! and might start not pray for you anymore, I mean enough is enough to be ignored. Perhaps its easy for you to forget about me, you won’t feel hurt, you won’t feel lossing me because I’ll make it smooth so you won’t realize I ever there for you.

I will deactive all my social media, I have no units and deliberate not to fill out it, you may text me but I won’t reply it (for sake of not having units), therefore you’re not able to see me no more unless you come up and straight see me.

I have no time for this I hate wasting my tear for something useless, aimless and hopeless, so this is it I made up my mind.

” If you have something keep it, if you lose it let it go and if it back to  you its yours”

~Rani’s qoute~