Have you ever really (really) love me? (really??)

Ok, this stories is dedicating for you, yeah you… oke you! you the one who has been dating me since early this year (is it?) umm i guess so around March or April one thing for sure it can’t be on May. Why? because i said so :D.

Dear you,

i’m just straight to say what i’ve had feeling lately, i guess put a lot your attention to your ex. she’s all you worried about, you cares too deep for her feelings instead of mine. i hate when i put “john lennon” as my display picture on my blackberry messanger then you told me that my display picture precisely same with her. Ugh!!

now i know the reason’s why you never put our picture as display pict on BBM, you don’t wanna “her” get hurt fact that you dating with me as well.

Here i am watching your love stories with your ex’s, you said “hate her” “hi from her” “you want a revenge for her” and bunch ‘feelings’ you keep for her. Trust me you still in love with her bro, I’m a lady for good which is i have ‘feelings‘ side of me.

fact you never worried about me, about what i felt, my pain inside just like you usually did. let me keep this love for you, i’d swear i do, it just you never know, coz you’re too busy to pay attention for her.

But hey, i just want you to be a good man. you better chase the right girl for good.


Silahkan komen tapi karetnya satu aja *jangan pedes-pedes*

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